Management Company

Annabel Gonzalez is the Property Manager for Hidden Woods, the DST Office phone number is (954)933-2353

Annabel can assist with Hidden Woods questions about:
  • Property operations & care
  • Maintenance/repair for common elements
  • HW Association policy and procedures when owners sell or rent out their unit
  • Unit Owners Assessment accounts & payments
  • Unit Owner questions about HW Condo Association laws, rules and policies
  • and many more Unit Owner issues

For emergencies requiring FIRE, POLICE, AMBULANCE  call 9-1-1

DST is available to respond after hours in the event of urgent matters (fortunately, these are rare!), which cannot wait until the next business day.  Matters which are not of an urgent nature, but reported outside of office hours, will be handled during regular office hours.

NOTE: Please make sure DST has your most up-to-date contact information, so you can receive notices and information in a timely manner. It's also important to provide a contact person who has access (a key) to your unit in the event you are not available and your unit must be accessed for emergency purposes. If you have a change to make or you want to ensure your information is accurate, please call DST to ask for an Owner Information Sheet.

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